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Re: Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

I had a longer reply typed yesterday but my power died cause of storms here....anyway, I love the handle!

My main thing is the coming forward, that you already knew about. Maybe you want to arch your back harder, to get more butt backness. Your warmup sets were worse than your work sets. Those warmup sets are VERy important in solidifying what you will do when weight is heavier, so accept nothing but perfect form when the weight is lighter.

I also thought you werent staying tight. I feel like one should see the lifter take a big breath each rep. Im one of those guys that exaggerate that inhale, with cheeks puffing out to lock it in. When I do not exaggerate it, I feel that rep isnt as good as when I do exaggerate it, therefore I coach people to do so.

I dont usually post here, cause others are so much better at pointing out things, but I thought Id try. That "oh s**t" rep on the last set of 295 I am surprised you got it. Nice work, and nice're going to kill that PR.

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