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Re: Paleo BM issues/ fiber

Originally Posted by Troy Kenshin View Post
not 130, i hadn't weighed myself in awhile when i posted that few days ago. apparently I'm 142~. anyway i have a question as i want to experiment with the vlc a bit. I cut my carbs down to 30ish. and upped my calories to about 2600 a day and started eating fattier meats, butter, and evoo. the strange part is though that I'm always hungry now. ill literarily eat a meal and an hour later feel starved.
for example i had a pound of pork roast for dinner with butter, and evoo on it plus a mixed green salad and right after i was hungry again.

can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm not sure if i need to eat more or if my body just needs to adjust for awhile first. and FWIW I'm sticking to eating like this for 30 days as an experiment after reading mat lalondes ''crossfit on a low carb diet'' so before anyone tells me not to its already decided and help/advice would be appreciated.
There's nothing strange about a grown man being hungry when he's strength training and only eating 2600 calories a day.

If you're trying to gain weight, eat like it.
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