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Re: Eat real food without going broke or being chained to the stove: a case study

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post

Learn to cook!
So very true.

By way of informational resources useful to those who need to learn to cook:

The Way to Cook by Julia Child
This is her magnum opus, and it contains extensive information on culinary knowledge, technique, ingredients, and above all, recipes. Julia Child is the best source for superior recipes.

La Varenne Pratique by Anne Willan
A comprehensive encyclopedia of culinary knowledge, with extensive information about ingredients and tools. Lavishly illustrated, this tome isn't as strong in recipes, but it is superb for culinary knowledge. The chapter on herbs and spices alone is a stunner.

La Technique book and Fast Food My Way books and videos by Jacques Pepin
Pepin is the master of culinary technique and manual skill, and La Technique is a thorough treatment of the subject. For those looking to cook healthy, nutritious, fresh foods quickly, his videos and books from the Fast Food My Way series are excellent. The videos from the series, More Fast Food My Way (WFS), are available for free online.

The eGullet Society
The eGullet Society provides an excellent webforum for foodies who are into cooking. They conduct an extensive series of online courses in various techniques as part of the eGullet Culinary Institute (WFS).

Cooking for Engineers
An eclectic collection of articles on recipes, tools, techniques, and knowledge; Cooking For Engineers (WFS) is an excellent resource for the geek-inclined. The tool reviews are especially helpful, along with the extensive information on the material science behind different metals and their use in cookware and knives.
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