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Today I did the following WOD. I used various elements that I have seen other places to come up with it.
For Time.
Run 800m on TM
50 Box Jumps
25 Push Ups
50 Squats
25 Push Press
50 Lunges, alt. legs
25 Thrusters
50 KB swings
25 Burpees
Run 800m to park.
Shoot 10 Free Throws.
Time stops when foot touches B-ball court. Every free throw made removes 10 seconds from total time. Push press and Thrusters must be done with 45lb bar minimum, if 35lb bar is used, add 1 minute penalty for each use to total time.
Box jumps and swings are choice.
I used 20" box, 67lbs for PP and Thrusters, 35lb KB.
Time before free throws: 24.11. Not too bad.

My question is this. I know that if I used a shorter box and a 45lb bar I could really pump out the reps and keep a blistering pace. The added height and weight forces me to go a little slower and by the time I got to the thrusters I was have to go to sets of 10,10,5.

Is it better to keep things relatively heavy or go with the bar only and generate more intensity without having to rest in the set?

Both have their benefits but what is everyone's opinion?

The free throws were to go with the NBA Finals starting tonight.
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