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Re: Reebok Employee

Ummmm, why not ask your manager, or contact the corporate office? I'm sure they would have more info than anyone on these boards.

Originally Posted by Lorenzo Aguilera View Post
To whom this may concern,
My name is Lorenzo Aguilera. I am a Reebok employee with store #139 in El Paso, TX. I am an AVID CrossFit athlete reigning out of CrossFit R-K-U. My question is about my interest in CrossFit Level 1 Certification and help with improving health and fitness to my store and community.
I have already began conducting weekly(and it's becoming daily, or as often as I work), wod's at our store. However, I am not Level 1 Certified, yet highly confident in my capabilities, knowledge and experience with the "sport of fitness".
Is there a way Reebok can help sponsor some sort of Level 1 Cert for employees?

"Reebok opened the first Reebok CrossFit Box for employees at its global headquarters in Canton, Mass., in September of 2010. Today, approximately 400 employees a week complete WODs at the Box (named Reebok CrossFit One) and 60 employees have completed the CrossFit Level 1 trainer course".
(Off the site, also, statements I am curious and asking about...)

If so, what is the process? Also, once Level 1 Certified has been achieved, how can we get equipment and gear at our store to help enhance our abilities?
I have BIG plans to make BIG enhances in health and fitness in store #139. I'm requesting expert wisdom and assistance. Is there anyone who can help? Below will be ALL my contact info (to include store phone number). I apprehensive about reaching out through Facebook however, I've been researching and havent gotten the answers I've been looking for.
Lorenzo Aguilera
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