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Re: Anders' log

Yesterday I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep. Quite hung over. My buddy, Kræn convinced me to do a session with him. Given the circumstances, it went pretty well.

After our warm up we did the following:

6 sets of Powerclean-hang power clean- front squat- front squat-front squat.

My top set was at 75kg/166lbs. Satisfied.

After that we played around with handstand push-ups. We used 3 exercises from Carl Paoli’s gymnastics WOD.

I finished off with a 2k row @ 2:00min/500m. Easy.

Kræn did
3 x
500m row
20 thrusters @ 30kg/66lbs

He busted out a 9mins 20sec. Wow!

Went to bed early!

Today’s workout consisted of 4 hours of manual labour. Carrying washing machines up and down from 4th floor and carrying concrete from the basement. Hell Yeah☺

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