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Re: Anders' log

Here’s today’s session, done after breakfast (Sumatra coffee, apples with peanut butter☺ and milk) and some of the usual various-crossfit-homepages-browsing ☺

Done at a rather empty Crossfit Copenhagen.

Today’s work:
Deadlift – sets of 5-5-3-3-1-1 @ 100kg-110kg-115-kg-120kg-125kg-130kg (from 220lbs-287lbs)

In the rest periods between sets, i did 3 wall climbers and 15 hand release push ups – both of the exercises for 5 sets. No intensity intended for these to exercises, just playing around.

Rested about 15 minutes and ended the sessions with a couplet:
3 x
Row 500m
20 Wall Balls (20lbs to a 3,5m/11,8 feet)
My time: 9mins 45secs

I suck at wall balls.

Biked home and ate lunch with my mate. I had some scrambled eggs, hummus and a nectarine (and some delicious Sumatra Gayo Coffee).

Take care!

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