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Anders Alkaersig
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Anders' log

Hi there!

A little about myself:
25 years old
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Crossfitting since summer 2007
This is my first log (that will last longer than a week - hopefully)

(none of these are 1rm - just the heaviest i've done for a heavy rep)
BS: 137,5kg/304lbs
FS: 100kg/220lbs
OHS: 72,5kg/159lbs
DL: 145kg/319lbs
Press: 63kg/139lbs
PP: 90kg/198lbs (behind the neck)
BP: 90kg/198lbs
PC: 78kg/172lbs
SC: 85kg/187lbs
Snatch: 65kg/143lbs

I have no stats of my metcon, thats is partly because i have never written them down and partly because i often have trained without a timer.

I'm starting this log because i really want to start logging my fitness, and by sharing it with the world, i'll hopefully commit to it

I anyone reads this, please share your thoughts - should you have any.

Today is a rest day so i'll start of by accouting for yesterday's session.

Saturday 11th of August
Visiting the in-laws with my girlfriend at the countryside in Jutland. Felt a little heavy (problably due to some excellent red wine friday evening)
Jogged to the local stadium and did:
10 mins of mobility (KStar-style)
15 mins of dynamic warmup (Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Pullups, situps, backex, handstandwalks, jogging)

12min amrap
8 Wall burpees (think 2010 final event burpee over a chest high wall)

I ended up with 5 rounds and 2 burpees.
Quite satisfied with that, don't know how it stacks up in comparison with others, but the intensity was definately high and i layed it all out there.

Jogged back home and ate a delicious egg-bacon-avacado breakfast

I'll return monday evening, take care
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