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Advise is welcome!!!

Okay....Having read all threads pertaining to starting gym(garage, box etc) I want to open my own..I have kinda been going backwards in the process..I have been running a group now going on 2 1/2 years started quite a following..

-Started Website, FB, and Blog site..
-While on my deployment have been paying for equipment prepping for my return trip home..
-My wife has begun the look for a gym site when I get home..found a reasonable site 1600 sqft($700)
-Have t shirts
- have business plan? (drafted)

Who should I contact in my state to get legal jargon stuff going? Remember not to sell me short but I have been and still am in the Military going on 21 years..Easy Terms(unsophisticated) My wife are excited..They hasn't been a gym like this in my location till this year so it should(we say should) go over good with my clientele now.

Will affiliate!!!! Love CF it's for life!!!!
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