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Congratulations to David Wells, this month's winner of the Again Faster Equipment drawing. David won a 1-pood kettlebell!

Every month, I give away a piece of equipment to one person randomly selected from my mailing list. The June giveaway will be a copy of Coach Rippetoe's classic, "Starting Strength". Think of it as equipment for your mind.

To enter for the June drawing (and every one after that!), all you have to do is shoot me an email at

The next AFE Newsletter will be out tomorrow, and will contain all the great equipment deals you're used to seeing, as well as a great affiliate starter package and some advice on equipping a gym to train 6-12 Crossfit athletes per hour on the cheap.

Whether you're about to open your own Crossfit Affiliate or just thinking about it, you'll want to see this.

My stable of products will also be represented, from the Again Faster Bar to a sweet pair of squat stands. If you want it, I've got it!



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