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Re: Gastric sleeve.

I'm going to profess my opinion comes solely from frequently watching TLC programs on gastric surgery, but here goes:

The surgery isn't magic. It doesn't alter body chemistry or cleanse your pantry of crappy food. It merely adds the motivation of "eat too much now, and you'll throw up." Is that really what you want it to come to? You're admitting you don't pay attention to your diet. You can still eat **** foods with a smaller stomach. Even if the initial restriction and caloric deficit does lead to initial weight loss, it WILL become a problem again if you never deal with your issues with food and diet. Your new, smaller stomach will restretch if you just gradually return to the previous volume you ate.

The one theme I see on all the TV shows I see about this is, there is a psychological underpinning that forms the basis of this problem with diet and food. Address those. See a good counselor/therapist. It will be much less expensive, far less physically traumatic and the benefits will last much longer than surgery. If you haven't yet, but I hope you have, seek out support from your box mates and/or coaches. They're there to inform, help and support.
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