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Re: When do you wash your clothes ?

Originally Posted by Chuck Golden View Post

Most of the time my stuff goes straight in the washer when I get home. If they sit in the dirty clothes for even a couple days they start to get pretty ripe.

I also found during the summer my stuff will get nasty just sitting in the car all day, I work out before work. And I even had some problems with them stinking even after washing. They'd be totally fine until I'd get warmed up and it was like the first drop of sweat just unleashed a massive stink bomb. I had to start dumping baking soda on worth loads and even soaked some particularly nasty shirts in vinegar
During the warm months, on occasions when I can't just throw clothes straight in the washer, I usually lay the dirty clothes out in the back of my pick-up. The sunlight dries them out, and kills enough bacteria that when I leave for the day, they are dry and stench-free enough to pack up.

As a general rule, though, I don't let the sweaty clothes sit in the hamper for more than a day.
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