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this question really goes out to Coach Sommers and Roger Harrell....because im really referring to gymnastic tension bodyweight exercises.

like Coach Sommers talked about iron cross training on some of the exercises i found that i could do using the total the inverted cross and cross i jus added weight to help for resistance and another way i increase resistance and for that feeling of control and stabality i let some of my body hang off the sliding platform like mainly my upperbody

now i do alotta static holds using the total gym...however i was wondering...i know u use your bodyweight as resistance on the total gym but with the use of the machine unlike with stuff like tuck planche u have to control, stabalize and balance your whole body without help of a machine

i found i got gains on my barbell curl (not that i do those often due to CF info..but jus as test) and my biceps increase in size after using the total gym for some of my holds

so do yall think the total gym is feasible for bodyweight tension exercises????
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