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Re: Which diet is more effective in given cases, Paleolithic diet or Zone diet?

Originally Posted by Nicolas Castonguay View Post
Well I calculated my caloric maintenance level and it gave me around 3kcals. Of course I know it's not accurate, I'm guessing it's a good base level... If I go like I have to do according to the zone diet, and eat 1g of proteins per lean body weight, I would only eat around 160g of proteins and that would give me 2100 calories a day. I highly doubt that can be enough to maintain...
Nicolas, here is one thing that most people miss by just reading the forums and not going out and spending the $15 on one of the Zone books: if you are eating properly and keeping your body "in the Zone," (i.e.: proper blood sugar, thus insulin levels) your body is able to use the fat that is currently on your body as it's primary fuel source. When you overload your body with carbohydrates (healthy, unhealthy, complex, simple, whatever), you body goes into overdrive to find a home for them. If your liver and muscles are full, then your body will attempt to use what it can as fuel which does two things
1) Forces your daily fat intake to be stored since it is not being utilized
2) When your body realizes that there is no way to use all those carbs, the insulin begins converting them into adipose (fat) tissue

What this means is that with an improper diet, you are required to intake more calories for a given level of activity/body mass. It is inefficient.

Therefore, a diet that has the improper portions of carbohydrates (really all 3 macronutrients, but just bear with me) will cause you to feel like crap, perform like crap (read: not at your highest level), and put on fat.

If you eat right and get your body "in the Zone," on a consistent basis, then your body is able to tap into your current fat stores for the energy it needs, therefore, you are required to eat less food while loosing body fat and **newsflash** gain muscle at the same time.

This is why Coach, Nicole, etc... advocate the Zone (and not Paleo) so strongly. It is the weighing/measuring that put you over the edge.

For those of you currently eating Paleo and not Zone, why? Breads/Pastas? While you CAN eat pretty much whatever you want, that doesn't mean that the Zone recommends it. In fact breads/grains/etc... are considered "unfavorable carbohydrates to be used in moderation). I go days at a time without eating bread and I would actually be able to say weeks if it wasn't for the fact that I eat 1/2 an english muffin (wheat) occasionally with breakfast.

If you're just being lazy (which is my guess if you're currently eating Paleo) then you should try it, you owe it to yourself. If you're eating Paleo then you can (AND SHOULD!!!) continue to eat the natural, free-range, organic foods that you've become accustomed to, all you have to do is a little extra work in the kitchen to make sure everything is properly proportioned.

But I'm just a novice CrossFitter and in the grand scheme of things don't know S***, so don't take my word for it, take Coach's. If you'll trust him enough with your joints/muscles/metabolic pathways, why not trust him with this? Call it a leap of faith, get back to your CrossFitting roots - you though this WOD stuff was crazy, but if it didn't work, you wouldn't be reading this forum. You'd be on Embrace crazy, you have to be stupid not to.

Just my meager $0.05...

- Alex
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