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Darren Zega
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Re: Which diet is more effective in given cases, Paleolithic diet or Zone diet?


Actually, newer versions of the zone diet (I'm reading Dr. Sears' "The Anti-inflammation Zone" right now and it's a great read, btw) are become progressively more paleo. Still, Dr. Sears doesn't take quite as hard of a stance against processed food and starch, as does the zone diet, but he pretty much spells out that they're bad for you.


To partly answer your question: To add size, period, eat more protein than required for your lean body mass and more calories than you expend - end of story. If you have excess body fat on you (roughly more than 13%) eat a healthy diet (read: paleo or anti-inflammatory zone) and you will clean bulk.

The food pyramid, your personal trainer, and anyone else who tells you need 3000 calories a day - unless you're in military field training, doing the tour-de-France or an Olympian - is an idiot.

As for the last four questions: search the forums for block guidelines based off of your lean body mass and go paleo-zone. I thought everyone in this forum was crazy. I thought that eating rabbit food all day would suck and that I would hate my life on a strict diet.

The first week is always hell, but after that you will feel better than you ever have in your life - and you'll pay less because you're eating less food. Trust me, they're not crazy - just really weird.
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