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Re: Indoor gym photography buffs?

I don't do a lot of indoor photography myself - I mostly shoot birds outdoors with a Canon 1D Mk III and a 500mm f/4. However as others have noted, your challenge is the need for high shutter speed in a low light situation. I'm not sure what you didn't like about the Canon Rebel, can you elaborate on that?

In tough lighting situations you generally need to shoot in manual exposure mode, because in auto modes the camera is going to calculate the exposure based on certain assumptions that are made for more of an average lighted scene. So if you're shooting in an auto mode, your photos are likely to be underexposed and/or blurred. Also are you shooting RAW or jpeg format? The former gives you a better ability to make adjustments to the photo for a better end result. Myself, I shoot in RAW, manual exposure, with spot metering.

I can't really speak to the Nikon line, but on the Canon side the previously mentioned 50mm f/1.8 "nifty fifty" is a great value for a very fast lens. However being a prime lens, you are limited to the one focal length, which may or may not work in your space. If you are needing something more flexible, then you'll want to look at a fast zoom, which will be considerably more expensive. What's the max aperture on your current zoom?
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