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Re: Indoor gym photography buffs?

As others have mentioned above, it is about the lack of light. What mode are you shooting in? I have found to successfully shoot action in low light you need to shoot in manual mode and manage the settings yourself. I shoot a fair amount of youth basketball which takes place in dark gyms. In the box-gym I go to I think it would take a f1.8 or f1.4 (maybe a f2.8 if you pushed the iso high enough).

With that said I have this lens and for $100 I think one of the best deals out there for a Canon body is wfs - - But I wonder even a 50 may be too long to shoot in the gym.

The other option you would have is to get some flashes set up and bounce them off the ceiling.

What lens have you been using. Can you post a link to some example of what you have taken up to now?


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