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Re: Correcting an Air Squat

Originally Posted by Jameson Detweiler View Post
Hey everyone,

First post here, but I've been CrossFitting for over 6 months now, and I'm trying to start the year off with perfecting my form on all the basics.

I've started a routine that I plan on doing 4-5 times a week:
  • 20 air squats for form
  • 20 overhead squats for form
  • 20 air squats for time
  • 20 air squats with slightly wide stance & straight feet to focus on adductors (I'm noticing my right knee rolling in my heavier squats)

Here's a video of my air squat.

I see a lot of problems, but I'd definitely like some outside input.
Welcome, Jameson!

As a relative newbie to CrossFit, I don't think you deserve to be told that air squats don't matter, that they have no carryover to weighted squats, or that your wasting you time practising them. You are right...they are a basic movement and they are absolutely foundational to other movements.

You are losing your lumbar curve on the rapid squats. I think you have the flexibility, but your chest is dropping and your shoulders are coming forward...think chest-up. Your depth is not quite deep enough...your wider stance should help with that, though...try setting up a bench or something that you know is low enough and try some slow squats to it.

Check out some's a classic...(wfs)
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