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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Gillian makes some valid points in the article about some problems that have occurred in CF over the years.

However she also seems to me to fall into that category of people who have their own problems before they get to you.

As soon as this person starts a relationship with you, now suddenly you are somehow responsible for their problem.

For example she mentions doing a "CF workout" that consisted of 150 burpees and 150 pullups for time and how bad she felt it for days afterwards. I am quite sure that "WOD" has never appeared on the mainsite, not sure where she got it from.

She also mentioned "I decided to go for a ten mile run − insane, because I never run."
I think she had some issues long before she ever found CF.

The bottom line is that Rip's favorite workout these days seems to be grinding his axe against CF.

Many of his posters and people who he has interviewed or have contributed articles bash CF by name, often with his encouragement.

I'm always suspicious of someone's motives who spends their time attacking someone or something else rather than simply pitching the advantages of their own program, views, etc.

I really don't think he's trying to save the masses from what he now thinks is a bad program, this is personal.

I would tend to think he should have more gratitude for something that has helped his business to flourish.

It was clearly a bad break up but we don't know nearly the level of detail that we know about Robb Wolf, Greg Everett or Dan John's ousters.

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