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Re: How to evaluate good programming?

My programing is based on my specific athlete population.

My folks need more strength. I don't have any young ex-football fire breather types. I have a bunch of women who want to lose weight, do their first pull-up unassisted and do push-ups from their toes. I program accordingly.

My second group is mobility challenged folks coming from other sports. They tend to have good cardio capacity but can't move through full range of motions to save their lives. For this group the weight training is more like active stretching. We focus on the movement.

I also run a primary/secondary workout schedual. I have three workouts a week which are the first priority to complete. If you do these three workouts each week you will be making balanced forward progress. Then we use the other days to add volume or make ups. This has been working well to insure our weight lifting gets done in an organized manner without missing anything.

Last we tend to go in cycles of 4 to 6 weeks. Keeps things fresh. Currently we are doing a month long Fitness/Nutrition Challenge. I have upper the met-con volume higher then usual. Clients are telling funny stories about going to bed at 7 PM on Friday night when they were suppose to go out. They are starting to understand what increased volume feels like. Of course the pounds are getting dropped as well.

July in Arizona is mighty hot for running outside. I expect we will do a CrossFit total early July and then again at the end of the month with lots of lifting activities inside in the AC in the middle. Lots of rowwing inside in place of running. It is possible to run outside but the times slow way down and it just isn't any fun. So it could be as simple as weather.

Lots of things effect programing. To elvaluate programing you need to know the athletes the program is for.

Most common short coming seems to be not enough organized strength training. Not a big issue here in AZ, most affiliates here have thier strength programs dailed in. Seems to be a general trend in the better affilates to get more organized on the strength training. There are very few Regional athletes that don't have a lot of strength and no one will make the Games without it.
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