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How to evaluate good programming?


I'm very interested in understanding if coaches/affiliates take a longer view (months, quarters, years) in terms of programming and if so, who are the "thought leaders" in developing programs that work. I know "work" could be somewhat subjective but in terms of crossfits definition of fitness..etc. I'm always trying to analyze not only my affiliate's weekly programming but others as well in trying to understand their thinking and logic.

My background is in music composition and computers so I'm always trying to determine if there are patterns that drive a successful or unsuccessful response and if so what are they and how can I identify them?

I've read the "Theoretical Template for Crossfit Programming" and would like any guidance to additional references in the "do's and don't" of crossfit programming.

I understand this might be a very broad topic. As i look at my local crossfit box's programming, I'm trying to understand what the logic is and expected results longer term? Do some of these affiliates just pull it out of the air or is there actual logic to it?..should it be just random/varied or comprehensive?

Who is getting their athletes there faster and why?..What sets apart someone like OPT and Joe's Local Crossfit.

Any guidence and pointers to this subject would be greatly appreicated.

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