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Re: The Next Chapter

Originally Posted by Andy Sedar View Post
Yeah I feel pretty good about all of them with the exception of the C2B's...

I was debating at what weight to use for the one you are talking about. I will play around with it tonight. 135 may be the ticket and even mentally a bit easier.

I haven't ran a hard mile since 1999 hahaha but have been logging some milege so it will be a matter of pace and not blowing up the first lap and I'm pretty good with pacing on a run in order not to blow it early on.
Its a bit late for this comp but changing all your pull ups to chest to bar will help them improve rapidly, me and Nik Nichols on these boards have been doing this for a year and now have c2b's as strong as our normal pull ups was.

Make sure you dont get carried away in the race on that run, I had a similar WOD at the regionals this year, it was 2.5k run then 155lb clean & jerks in the remaining time, I went for it on the run and nearly died on the C&Js. That's still a nasty memory.

135lb is the ticket for sure.
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