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Re: The Next Chapter

Originally Posted by Andy Sedar View Post
thanks for stopping by Scott, it should be a fun journey into crossfit! I haven't felt this challenged in a long time so the PR's and learning should be abundant!

I'm competing in a semi-local Crossfit Competition this saturday just to see what it's all about outside of the gym I train at. I'm trying to convince myself I am not "competing" merely going for fun and soem good workouts but being extremely competitive it should be interersting/humbling.
Thats exactly what you need to do, get straight into the competition, you will find out exactly what needs to be sorted once you experience that.

Have they announced the workouts yet. However much you tell yourself its just for fun, the competitive side will keep churning away in your head, have fun and try to smash it, just think of winning as a bonus.
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