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Wow. quite a bit going on in this thread. I love the Westside method and believe there is much to learn. They have proven themselfs on the "field of combat". I would also say Westside is the best method to produce big numbers in the three big lifts (period). Due to the narrow constraints of the sport of powerlifting everything WS does is geared to increase your 1 rep max in bench, squat (just below 90 degrees, and DL). Now, does big numbers carry over to other activities. . .yes! For most people max strength is the most trainable attribute, but. . .you would be sacrificing a lot of other attributes. So, does crossfit have a dynamic "day" for pullups, I would say every time I perform pullups its dynamic and sub maximal. Body weight for me is a submaximal load (approx. 60-70%)and I'm cranking out the pullups as fast as I can (with good form), so I'm training all my motorneurons to fire fast and harmoniously ala westside. Crossfit trains all of the assistance exercises just by completing the WOD. We are rarely pulling max loads in pullups but what kind of crossover does it have to #s, I know I know if I could pullup 100x my body weight I should be able to crank out decent nmubers but the more weight I add to my waist to practice a max effort, the more it alters my form and the more likely I am to injure myself (think about your elbow ligaments and tendons supporting 100X your BW, a little diffrent thean DL, BP, or SQ. Also about GTG, practice makes perfect. When I was a kid (14-15) and first touched the rings and swung, I looked like a spastic monkey, you should have seen the first attempt at a back uprise, feet kicking, head bouncing, arms bent, ugh! A year later, didn't even have to think about the back uprise one swing and straight arm nice pop and I'm above the rings. Now did the thousands of reps increase movement specific strength. . .a little but did the reps make me more efficient with the move YES. I got better thru practice. so is there a skill component to pullups, I say yes. Will practicing the pullup make me better, again yes. Is GTG practice, yes again. Will GTG or for that matter any other repitation method make me better at pullups I have to say yes!
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