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All of your numbers (good or bad) still makes me look pitiful. When I last trained/ran a marathon I was down to 235lbs and was running an average pace of 8 min/mile but I could only maintain that pace for about the first 5 miles. After that my pace slowed down to about 9 min/miles. At the last 6 miles my pace slowed down to a 10-11 min/mile pace. I did not really care about my time I was just focusing on my endurance, breathing and being able to finish the entire 26 miles. The quicker speeds were just an added bonus to me. At my best I ran a 7min 35sec/mile pace for just 1 mile during training. BTW: I dropped down to 235lb from my starting weight of 255lbs and I am also 6ft 5 in. I was categorized in what is known as the Clydesdale class. I lost this weight over a 2 month period of training. On average I never lost a lot of weight during my non-training periods. My ego at that time liked to keep the bulk up. Now I am back up to about 260lbs, mostly muscle weight, and I have since shredded a lot of the excess bulk and body fat. I now run an average of a 10min/mile pace for about 2 to 3 miles. But I only run about that far now because I don’t have the need, desire or time to train for marathons anymore. I just run now for fun and for the extra cardio and stamina building over and above what I get out of Crossfit.
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