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Re: Ronnie Coleman leg pressing

I'm 5'8" at 130-135 lbs at 22 years. Yes, I'm light for my height, and my stomach is small. I have enough trouble as it is putting down 2.5 kcal per day considering I'm asian and most of my family weighs less than my weight (well, a couple people are heavier but they're also taller). I don't really want to gain much more weight anyway.. maybe 10 lbs or less. And yes, it will take a fair amount of work for me to DL 405 lbs (that's exactly about 3x bw for those of you who are counting).

Andy, yes we know that. But it will still take a fair amount of work to pull a high 2.x-3x+ bw for most of us under the 150 lbs mark.. not as easy as he/Rip was suggesting especially considering if we do NOT want weight gain because of our extracurricular activities (see David's rockclimbing and my gymnastics). I'm sure that 114 lbs guy who was DLing 600+ had weightlifting at least 5+ years if not 10 or more. For the record, most of the elite gymnasts with the insane strength to bodyweight ratios (see rings) are about 5'2-5'5" and weigh 120-140.

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