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Well after thinking about your situation, I think you have to ask yourself "Why am I doing the WOD?", if your answer is because you enjoy it, great, but I honestly think if your serious about powerlifting, incorporating the WOD may be detrimental. Sure if you got OPTIMAL sleep and OPTIMAL nutrition you may be able to experience some great gains, but including the WOD into your schedule may not be OPTIMAL. I think you should evaulate your priorities, decided which means more to you, big lifts, or solid base of overall fitness. Both are great, it just comes down to a matter of personal preference. When you decide which one is of more value to yourself, commit to that. If it's general fitness, commit to the WOD, but you can still incorporate some powerlifting type workouts (I do this pretty regularly in the form of power circuit type training). Crossfit allows you to do this because of it's generalist approach. On the other hand, I don't think that would be the way to go with Powerlifting. It's just to specific. I totally understand that a solid base of conditioning and general strrength/fitness is important, but the ratio of specificty to generalization is dependent on which sport your trying to thrive in. If you decide powerlifting is what you place as your number one priority, then get all you can on Westside training protocols or any other sucessful POWELIFTING program. In westside's case, thier training protocol places GPP very high, and the use GPP movements specific to their sport, while the WOD would incorporate unnessecary volume in areas not specific to powerlifting (the WOD are heavy on Pulling movements for example). This high volume of work would certainly have an ill effect on powerlifting totals, just as coach mentions in the journal you quoted "Crossfit alone will bring a guy with a 800 pound squat down to a 500pound squat but give him much better conditioning." So training for one goal comes at a cost to all other goals. Crossfit tends to fall more on strength endurance side of training, and powerlifting falls more on the maximal strength side of training. Like I stated above, if you want optimal results, follow a porgram tailored to your goals. The body becomes it's function through stimulus placed upon it, no matter how you value those stimulus, they will affect your performance. So in short, I would incorporate the WOD rarely if ever if my goal was to suceed in powerlifting.

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