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Re: Upside of all of the X fit changes?

Its really hard to believe that they would not want to communicate to those 15,000 boxes. Give a heads up type of thing.

Two years ago we had 9 boxes in our area. Now we have 6. One of those 6 left downsized from 10k sf to 3k sf. 1 other box I don't know how they stay in business.

Wonder what % of boxes make a go at making some real money?

Gym merging would be a good idea if the two owners could get along and had space. Not too much added to the overhead/expenses.

I was watching some CFHQ programs last night (from the past) you don't realize what you have till its gone. The road to the games, the invitational, open leader board.. could go on.

I signed up with Floelite.. the coverage is C at best. That is 30 bucks a month. Only to provide access to the WZA for my mom at home and to review my workouts.

Large comps like the WZA. I have to tell you that the stands on Saturday and Sunday were near capacity for the masters. Maybe the games will be able to mix the masters in with the crowds.
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