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Re: I'm back to square one with my WODs thanks Wendler System and stupid me!!!!

In my opinion, if you're going to do a strength cycle like Wendler you should do it for 3-6 months at a time. Not much strength is going to be gained in lifting steadily for only 1 month, whereas doing it for months at a time not only gives you more time to work on your form but it will also add valuable strength gains.

If you are more concerned with gaining strength at this point in time, then do a structured lifting program such as Wendler for a couple months. If you dont want to lose so much of your conditioning, then do several short CF style workouts or straight cardio sessions each week to keep it up. If you look up the 5/3/1 program Wendler advises types of conditioning to be added on a weekly basis. Farmer carries, sprints, jogging, weighted vest walking, tabata sets, DUs and rowing all work great for short conditioning sessions.
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