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Re: Bar muscle ups

I posted a tip in another thread about this, where a guy said his fails were kind of like a big "shrug." He said my tip was exactly what his problem was, so I'll repeat it here....

A bar MU is NOT related to a pullup. I mean, it is, but it is not. OK, what I mean is, you don't get a bar MU by going from a "standard pullup," to a "C2B pullup," to just an even deeper pullup, to get a bar MU. A bar MU is like a somewhat deep C2B pullup, then quickly into like a tricep pushdown (if you're doing it strict).

If you're kipping, the key move to avoid - and this is very similar to a kipping ring MU - is thinking you have to get UP. You have to get BACK, behind the bar. When you are through the bar on the forward portion of your kip, you have to snap your shoulders/lats forward and down HARD - imagine you are trying to push the bar toward the wall you are facing - as you go into hollow position, to get yourself behind the bar, WHILE keeping your arms straight. This translates that hard kip-to-hollow into centripetal force, so as you come behind the bar, you'll then also begin to follow an arc upward (imagine, if you let go of the bar right now, you'd slam into the wall behind you). Read that again: the beginning of the upward movement comes from kipping AWAY from/BEHIND the bar, with straight arms.

Then, as that upward arc begins, you fire the hips from hollow to arch position to further support that direction, and you'll find yourself at a level such that the bar is well below your sternum, and THEN you can pull yourself almost horizontally - not upward like a pullup, more the direction of rowing pull - on top of the bar.

To summarize: as the poster above's first frame shows, get through the bar in a full, extended arch position. Engage the shoulders/lats, push that bar toward the wall you're facing, as you then come behind the bar into hollow position. That puts tension on your grip (hang on!!) and begins a centripetal arc upward, so then re-fire those hips into arch, you'll glide smoothly upward and then just pull yourself to the bar.

Hope that helps!
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