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Originally Posted by Jon Bettis View Post
Of course I spent an incredible amount of time training for the 70.3 and probably even more for the 140.6 however I've read some articles about 'less can be more'.

Can anyone direct me to CrossFit for triathlon.
How many hours per week were you training for your 70.3? Which program were you on?

In my limited (about 16mos of training over the last 20), CFE is a "I want to finish a triathlon" program, and less really isn't more if you want to make a habit of doing well. In other words, if you want to FINISH an IM140.6, sure, you can CFE your way there in 10hrs a week, but you'll get better gains doing a traditional Ironman training program. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted CFE to work for me, since I'm a power athlete turned endurance triathlete myself, but after I had done a 16wk traditional program, then tried to reduce my training volume by going to CFE for the next cycle, I could tell the difference. And as soon as I picked back up into a traditional SBR program, my performance improved more rapidly again. CFE is a great "couch to ironman" program, but it's not a great Ironman training program.

Considering your 8hr 70.3 finish, you'll need to make pace gains before you pursue a 140.6, otherwise you'll likely miss the cut off of 17hrs - keeping in mind that you also have to hit the 2:20 mark out of the water and 10:30 mark or less off of the bike. Depending on how your splits look, I'd be focusing on improving your speed/pace and your capacity to handle that speed. I personally have to focus on developing my speed front to back - the fresher I am coming out of the water, the better I can burn it on the bike. The more efficient I can be on the bike, the better I can beat it down on foot. No matter how efficient I've trained to be running, it doesn't make up for having an empty gas tank coming out of the water and fighting the bike. But the swim is also my weakest link, and the bike my strongest.

Since you lost 100lbs, I'm assuming you had a coach of some sort during your training so far, but was it a weight-loss coach or a triathlon coach? Have you ever used a triathlon coach?
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