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Originally Posted by Jon Bettis View Post
Can anyone direct me to CrossFit for triathlon.
Just train as the triathletes do. Period. You need to put in the "road work."

Crossfit is all mainstream, high and mighty and almost the 800lb gorilla in fitness these days but it is still a single method that is not always (and often is certainly not) the best option for many training goals.

A full triathlon is no joke. You have nutrition concerns and an exhaustive training process to get there. Granted, you aren't trying to win Kona but don't look for shortcuts. You have to also establish the grind to get your mind right. Take what you did and double it. On paper that sounds like "well duh", but consider the break down of the body and the extra fatigue and that is only the physical. Ride the bike for twice as long and then get off and run the full marathon. It is a mental grind that you need to train for as well, and sometimes you need a bunch of those 3+hr days to get to that place.

Train for that. Just as Crossfit can expose you to and give you love for Olympic lifting, if Olympic weightlifting specifically is your goal, then train that specifically - don't use Crossfit as the means to increase your Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Top end Crossfitters like Aja Barto are doing just that. Sure some top end Crossfitters can hold their own in USA Weightlifting circles but internationally, the best Snatch and C&J Crossfit numbers are equivalent to female numbers in the same weight classes (if that.) The same goes for a full ironman. It is a specialized event that requires specialized training. Try a 4+hr road day after 'Crossfit' with some Squat cleans or Tabata squats. 2 different approaches with interference.

You can have some triathletes transition well to Crossfit because they have that grind, that mental drive and obvious endurance. However I find it hard to believe that someone is prepping for an Ironman by doing Crossfit. A close friend and client of mine is an amazing athlete. Someone capable of qualifying for regionals in Crossfit with 2-3 honest months of full Crossfit effort. Guaranteed. She finished an ironman in 12ish I think...She has said many times, and this being a fan of all things Crossfit and how amazing it has made her perform in many things - "I'd never train non ironman for that ironman that I did."

In short, just do triathlon stuff. Look on those boards and talk to those in those circles. Pick the goal and make it count. Give it your best. Assuming many of the full ironman times are in effect, even if you just doubled your best 1/2 tri, you are 1 hour from being DNF for not making the cutoff (I think it is 17hr time limit)..

that sounds like you need some long a$$ endurance work to me. Quite counter to typical metcon Crossfit - even in Crossfit endurance.
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