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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM


As best I can tell, your disagreement is not factual but personal. Gatorade's promotion of flawed hydration science and the deaths and sickness that followed do not bother you.

While I disagree, I doubt there's a logical means by which I can convince you to care about deaths from over-drinking.

I can only ask you this:

Knowing that the ACSM has promoted flawed hydration science, funded by Gatorade, that led to the deaths of at least a dozen and thousands of cases of hyponatremia, do you think the ACSM should continue to enjoy its place of authority in American exercise science?

Having committed such a base error, on what basis can the ACSM justify its continued existence?

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
What I read from this is that you're calling anyone that isn't as passionate about your "war" on so-called "big soda" as yourself uneducated or unintelligent. You also wrongfully assume I haven't read "Waterlogged", and wrong to assume that it's so complex that a person like myself, whom you have no exposure to beyond this board and a facebook search, would have trouble understanding.

We all get to see companies either make mistakes or lie, or some blend of the two. Doctors used to endorse tobacco products, undoubtedly leading to thousands of deaths due to cancer, but the BEST MEDICAL SCIENCE at the time pointed to niccotine being good for the heart, and smoking had thousands of years of historical therapeutic use. And then we learned something new, and we have warning labels. That's not to say that "big tobacco" isn't guilty of corruption and knowingly producing a dangerous product.

But it's a crime I don't care to get passionate about, as cigarette use honestly doesn't effect me. It doesn't matter to me whether pepsi has rat poison in it or HFCS, I haven't had a soda since 1994. It doesn't matter to me whether tobacco products can be linked to cancer or not, I don't smoke and don't condone the practice in others. The indication of something bad for us is there, so why play with it?

Over-hydration deaths by blindly following recommendations are the same effect in my eyes. 20yrs ago when I lived on a coaches recommendation of a gallon of water per day, and a half gallon at practice, I felt like crap, so I cut back. As a wrestler, we were tracking water and weight gains, so I detailed closely how much I was taking in. I cut back, and about a pound of water was my "sweetspot". Low and behold, turns out that it's not by coincidence, as modern science revealed information about absoprtion rates, and now any endurance triathloner worth their salt will tell you that it's "20oz per hour".

As I stated before, know what you're drinking, and why you're drinking it, and assume anyone that profits from information skewed the information in their favor, and assume that anyone that DOESN'T profit from information may have made a mistake.

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