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Re: Crossfit with Gout

Originally Posted by Tyler Jordan View Post
For the longest time I have wanted to get my dad into working out and changing his lifestyle for the better. I have recently gotten in to Crossfit and more and more I am thinking that this would be perfect for him. Only one problem... He has been dealing with gout for the last 10-15 years in his ankles and knees. He recently has found medication that helps deal with the flare-ups, and I want him to start Crossfit. Is this something that he would be able to do, and would affiliates be able to help with this problem?
as someone with gout and a crossfiter, its not the crossfit that helps as much as the lifestyle you lead.

Drink as much water as possible to help your kidneys, stick to taking your medication, club sodas are great, so is celery. avoid deep fried and fatty foods. watch your diet, keep your weight in check. If you feel a certain excercise hurts your toes, then you might want to ease into it, but black cherry extract is really good for managing flare-ups.

most important thing is to learn to listen to your body.
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