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Re: dizzyness, shakyness, and low lying headache...need some advise

Originally Posted by Megan Zetter View Post
How old are you?
What do you do for work?
What is your stress level?
How is your sleep?
What blood tests did you have run?
Don't take the Celexa!

I am 35, currently unemployed, stress level is high because I am at kind of a turning point in my life...and not sure where to go.

My sleep has been weird...I had a period where I couldn't sleep at all...then I had a period where all i wanted to do was it has kind of moderated a bit...and I tend to probably oversleep a bit.

Blood tests were lipid screen/cbc w/diff, platelet ct./comprehensive metabolic/tsh w/free t4 reflex

Thanks..I will try not to take it!

Today my dizzyness subsided...we did cindy yesterday..I am usually around 18-20 rounds...i got 15....feel very shaky today. I had a half of sweet potato been up for about 2.5 hours now.

Also...I weight about 190 pounds...5' 9 and I have lost weight since this whole ordeal started. I usually hover around my weight is fluctuating...prob. because when I dont feel good...or stressed about my hunger goes out the window.

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