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dizzyness, shakyness, and low lying headache...need some advise

Hey guys

Been doing crossfit now for 2 years...and really love it. about 3 months ago I experienced a constant low lying head ache for like a month. I was doing the whole life challenge at the time...and thought it just maybe the diet. So I went off the diet..and then a whole bunch of other things started to happen. My symptoms include:

fatigued muscles all the time...expecially in the shoulders/traps/wrists
shakyness...this increases when I start working I am full of adrenaline or something
weird pains all over my body
hard time concentrating

It didnt always hinder my performance in the gym...but this past month has been terrible. My stamina is next to nothing. I get head starts to pound..and I feel like passing out......all of these things are new and I have never experiened them up until about a month ago.

I have consulted a gp at my local clinic since I do not have health insurance...and they ran my blood work and it came back normal. I also had an EKG done and that also came back normal.

My GP says I was "depressed" and prescribed me CELEXA...I truly do not want to take it...and would like to try a more natural approach. I think I am suffering from anxiety...but the symptom ebb and flow almost all I am worried I have some neurological disease. The worry is really killing me.

Has anyone here experienced this? I though working out was supposed to help with depression and anxiety....and while I do feel somewhat better after a long workout....I am no where near where I used to be 6 months ago. It is really upsetting me...because crossfit is really my only passion....and getting worse in the gym is so upsetting to me.

Please help!

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