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Re: Snatch Pull before Snatches?

Mauricio, I haven't tried the depth jumps but it sounds interesting. I used to use them for my and my gymnast's warmups. These and jumps across the floor. Sometimes I'm lazy and I would just do standing jumps instead for myself.

I will Chinese SnHP a weight before I lift it sometimes to get some confidence going into the lift. That way I won't all of a sudden find out that the weight is heavier than I thought.

I guess if I fail the rep, I'll be ready by the next one though. I might have to rethink this. Usually I only do combos as I'm warming up and start weeding out the 2nd or 3rd lift such as a pull or snatch from hang (besides snatch from the floor) as the weight goes up. Let's be honest, I rarely do doubles. I could probably do doubles and they might be good for me in the long run. OTOH, they are a ***** to do in the meanwhile.

I'm tentative about going too fast or powerful with just PVC or even just bar. I've pulled the crap out of either at times in my warmup and nearly broke my *** because of layback. Not fun.
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