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Re: Chirpractic ankle adjustment?

So I saw a chiro for the first time today. It was interesting. Popped a couple of places in the spine and neck, worked on my ankles a bit and did some tugging and knocking on them. Nothing felt like a real change (is it supposed to?). Worked on my IT bands with one of those massage devices they have, which showed me some spots to focus on in my foam rolling. He also worked on my almost-but-not-quite-gone medial epigondilitis in my right elbow. No misalignment detected in the wrist or elbow, though. I will probably go a few times to see if it helps over time.

He recommended one of those wobble boards, so I suppose I need to go find one of those. So far, I have a solid hour of crap per day I should theoretically be doing to fix my weak areas. No way to keep up with all of it...
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