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Re: ulnar nerve subluxation/snapping tricep?

are you an athlete? snapping triceps is a pretty uncommon syndrome that I too have. It happens at 90 degree elbow flexion however. Do a simple test and go through the entire rom for elbow flexion and place your other hand at the elbow while doing so. If something pops out of place going through flexion then it's probable that it's snapping triceps. Subluxation of the ulnar nerve can be a result of snapping triceps, since their pathways are intertwined. There have been many surgeries done with incorrect diagnosis of the problem which led surgeons to operate on the nerve itself as opposed to the medial triceps because it's still a new case, so there may be a chance your orthopedist may not be too familiar with your problem.

Do you get the twangy feeling at the fingertips? If so, stop all elbow flexion movements, as it will only get worse with training. That's the best thing you can do at the moment.
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