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ulnar nerve subluxation/snapping tricep?

When I do dips or triceps pushups, I have recently been feeling a popping/snapping in my left elbow on the way down, at about 130 degrees, at the cubital tunnel. I mentioned it to my PTist, who told me to stop when that happens. Ok, but how do I keep it from happening? It feels like a nerve subluxation or dislocation; it is a "twangy" feel, like hitting your funny bone. But I haven't gotten an official dx yet. Everything I could find online about ulnar nerve subluxation only listed surgery as a solution. I have strong forearms and grip from handstands and trapeze, and I've been working my extensors for a few months to try to balance things out, and in hopes that these muscles will help stabilize the nerve. But I don't know if they really do that. So far no improvement regarding my elbow.

Does anyone have any experiences with this?

(By way of background, my elbows hyperextend (and grind/click/mutter as they do it), my shoulders sublux, I've gone through three ACLs so far, I have snapping hips, and all in all my body does not seem to like to hold its joints together.)

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