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Re: Any of you ever have a pull up band fail?

I have had a band fail. I wasn't using it for pullups, rather as a seated up-ward row but it did fail.

I purchased some jump-stretch bands from EFS about 4 years ago and have used them extensively in my home gym [use is about 4-6 times a week]. When this one failed it was at a point that had become frayed and it just suddenly snapped mid pull, hitting me in the shoulder.

Reasonably it was my fault, the band was 4 years old and it was slightly frayed.

Just make sure to check the bands fairly periodically, and take them down off the bar to check the entirety of the band and you should be fine. After about a year to 2 years replace any bands you might have if they are starting to look frayed or dried out.

As per the pull-up bar; I am 250 pounds and my pull-up bar is OD pipe from Home Depot. I routinely do kipping pull-ups on it with no problem, so unless you are heavier than I [unlikely] there shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure that when you mount it you screw it into the studs rather than just into wallboard.
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