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Re: oatbran

Originally Posted by Casey Crooks View Post
if you want to eat oat bran a couple times a week, its not going to kill you. it probly wont do anything negative to you at all. if you want to eat it, then eat it. its not paleo, and there may be better things to eat but if the worst part of your diet is oat bran your doing pretty daggum good.
That does depend. I've found that it does very negatively impact both my workout recovery and my overall energy. Plus, I'm sure that it leads to temporary malnutrition, since it wreaks havoc on my digestive system. So yeah, if I have any kind of grains even twice a week, I'd constantly be setting myself back. You don't know what health is until you've felt it. Only then can you know just how much these kinds of things are really affecting you. We are creatures of relative judgments. If you don't know where the top is, how do you know where you are in relation to it?
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