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Re: What is the functionality of kipping

Originally Posted by John Stone View Post
4) With no personal experience on doing reps of strict MUs I'm just basing that off of what others posted here.

Again, I have no problem with kipping in general. I think it's fine when used like band assistance and jumping pullups, et cetera -- to help build strength. But watching the competition videos et cetera, I am seeing everyone using them in place of PU's just to get higher scores / faster times, and that is the definition of masking weakness.

Hence the question about it.
Also, CrossFit, especially the competitive side, is not about the strong and the weak, it's about the fit and the unfit. Fitness is work capacity across broad time and modal domains, aka who can, quite literally, produce the most power in the broadest range of time domains and tasks. I just want to be clear that strength ~= fitness, because I often see those two things conflated here.
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