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Re: What is the functionality of kipping

Originally Posted by Aushion Chatman View Post
1) Agree that individuals can use it for that. Sad but true, because it can (should) be used for a newbie to get reps in and develop some strength and good shoulder girdle elasticity...At the point you are describing it is not the best way to build fitness and strength.

2) CF WODs routinely prescribe L-pull-ups (non-kipping) and weighted pull-ups (can only be kipped to a certain weight safely). Again CF as prescribed has always advocated working your weakness...

3) Who cares which has MORE benefits...kipping pull-ups have different benefits you CANNOT get from strict pull-ups...

4) These listed are the primary benefits you can't get from strict. Taking it to a MU is even more detrimental in my opinion as a MU is much more of a strength movement than a pull-up IMO. so if I were you I'd be much more upset about kipping MU than kipping PU.
4) With no personal experience on doing reps of strict MUs I'm just basing that off of what others posted here.

Again, I have no problem with kipping in general. I think it's fine when used like band assistance and jumping pullups, et cetera -- to help build strength. But watching the competition videos et cetera, I am seeing everyone using them in place of PU's just to get higher scores / faster times, and that is the definition of masking weakness.

Hence the question about it.

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