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Re: CrossFit Wichita Falls Programming

Originally Posted by Justin Lascek View Post
Hello everyone,

I get a lot of interest in the programming we do at CF Wichita Falls, but it hasn't been introduced on the CrossFit discussion boards. It is a combination of barbell training and metabolic conditioning. The following article is a simple outline of the successful program that has been developed. There is a brief discussion on why it is done, but the nitty gritty science is intended for future articles.

P.S. For those who used to follow the CFWF website, there are now about two updates a week that share the recently used met-cons and how well they worked within the program.

All of the following links are safe for work.

The article can be found here (.pdf):

The original post:

Typically folks want to know about how met-cons are programmed in this type of program. You can skim some of the (fairly recent) archives on the site to get a little bit of an idea:

I'll treat this thread on another forum (************) as a FAQ since some other folks have asked some questions:

As always thoughts, questions, and observations are welcome.
Hey Justin,

This is exactly what I'm looking for. This is an easy question: I'm not a crossfitter, and when I start with crossfit training, I want to do mainly the "girls", lots of stuff with barbells. Do they count as metcon?

I plan on doing this sort of training 2 times per week, as I am mainly strength focused but fell in love with Crossfit.
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