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Re: An acceptable level of strength prior to beginning metcons

Originally Posted by Justin Shipley View Post
If you're stronger, everything else goes better, gymnastics and olylifting included, and if you're honest with your scaling, only doing it when absolutely necessary to COMPLETE a WOD, not to achieve 'middle of the pack' times ( a reason why i pay scant attention to others' training logs; they're them- i'm me) then the benefits come.

Admittedly, olympic lifts and gymnastics are my weak link, but they'd be weaker still if i weren't strong enough to do a muscle up or clean more than an empty bar in the first place
This rings true with me. I think I scale too easy sometimes so that I can have a better time. I'm becoming too conscious of the stopwatch.
Yeah I do scale so that I can finish the WoD and finish it with intensity and not take all day to do it.
I'm not in shape enough to really finish any WoDs unless they're really easy in the 4-6 minute range. My times usually average anywhere from 8-20 minutes depending on the WoD.
But, maybe I scale too much so I end up with 18 minutes instead of 22 or something like that.
I'm almost wanting to completely do away with the stopwatch for a month just to see how much less I may scale when I'm not trying to get a good time.
I mean I'm doing CF to get in shape for rugby and whatever else, not to compete at the Games and have great times.
Maybe timing it and just going balls to the wall as hard as I can and not paying attention to the time is better for some of the people you described above and people like me?

Just a thought...a long winded one at that.
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