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Re: An acceptable level of strength prior to beginning metcons

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
Until you can shoulder press your bodyweight, there's not much that will help your HSPUs.
Not really. I can do HSPUs but am quite a ways from bodyweight shoulder press. I don't even think I can do a bodyweight push press....but I don't really work on it because I can easily push jerk significantly more than bodyweight.

And Ryan...I think it depends what slow lifts you are talking about. I am around 175 and am about 8kg from a bodyweight snatch. I o-lift with guys who are much bigger and have snatches that far exceed their bodyweight but somehow I can deadlift more than them (I pulled 410 last week and could probably have done a little more) and front squat very similar weights. It's complicated and the correlations are far from absolute.

As for the original post...I think one thing many people fail to even consider is scaling reps down in a WOD but keeping weights high enough to work on strength while also getting metcon. If the WOD calls for 21-15-9 at an weight that is unmanageable for you at any level of intensity for 45 reps, maybe a 12-9-6 is workable and you can go RX'd in weight (or hell, even heavier than RX'd if you have a strength bias).

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