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Re: An acceptable level of strength prior to beginning metcons

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
Until you can shoulder press your bodyweight, there's not much that will help your HSPUs.
I seem to remember a CFJ article on pushups in which coach Glassman states that being able to do 20 freestanding HSPUs would give someone a military press of about 150% BW. But the reverse is not necessarily true because of the added element of balance could be missing.
Wouldn't that mean that it would be preferable to chase the HSPU, instead of first getting a high military press and then going after the HSPU?

Anyway, unless someone actually makes a program to progress to the skills in the original post and tries it out this matter won't get resolved? But it seems like a nice (not saying better, although I like the gymnastics emphasis) alternative to doing SS before getting to crossfit as rx'd.
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