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Re: What Does Your Ink Mean?

Mine are family-related, mostly.

Side of right deltoid - Superman logo (kinda lame, I know), with my son's first initials on the sides of the bottom.

Below it is a hibiscus flower, done in negative in orange ink. No outline. Matches one (not exact) that my wife has on her rear delt/trap. Represents her, of course.

A dragon, which runs from T-shirt sleeve level on the outer arm to the shoulder joint, basically making a half-circle around the other two. Signifies (to me) protecting my wife and son.

On the inside of that same arm, I have my initials. This coincidentally is also the first letter of each of our names (Jaret, Sarah, Jeff) and matches the representative tattoos on the outer arm. J(aret)=Superman logo, S(arah)=flower, J(eff) = dragon.

On the bottom/back (triceps area) of that arm, I have a cherry tree branch with blossoms and the Japanese depiction of wind swirling around it. This signifies the fleeting nature of life. Incidentally, the top part of this one ends very near the armpit...and that part hurt 10x worse than any other work I've had done. Yeeooow!

Then I have black & blue, swirling nautical star on the front of that deltoid. It doesn't really signify anything, I just liked the design.

Sounds like a lot for relatively little real estate - and it is, I guess - but there's still room for some more work to make it in a full half-sleeve.
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