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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Lee Hill View Post
Great thread, great answers chaps.

I've been doing this with one eye on Kempie's log since late November, basing it around the mainpage WOD but not as systemised. I am now considering a 6 week cycle as prescribed.

Question: For someone like myself who can only get to an affiliate 1/2 times per week and trains in a globo/home the rest, how would this work? I mean, if I follow the heavy CFSB program but when I rock up to my affiliate how can I match where I am in my planned week with what they have (sadistically) planned for that evening?

I suppose a second, open question is therefore would any affiliates other than brand X and maybe CrossFit fredericton run or consider running this adaptative WOD philosophy?

Thanks for any opinion or advice
Mate, you may say that your affiliate is uniquely positioned to sync with your needs. Hit me up offline and we will talk. For others I would suggest speaking to your coaches, explaining what you are trying to do and see whether there is some way that you can sort something out.

Will other affiliates run CFSB programming - almost undoubtedly. Just a question of how it is managed. I know that we will be playing with it

Cheers, kempie
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